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Hope for Malawi is a non-government, non-organization initiative. Through local contacts at the grass roots level every penny donated is accounted for and spent on initiatives within the Domasi area of the Zomba District, Malawi. Absolutely no commissions, no administrative fees and no overhead. The Domasi area have become known as a “corruption free zone”

Please consider making a donation by clicking on and completed one of the following methods. (Charitable tax receipts issued for amounts of $20.00 or more)


  1. deworming medicine for 25 children

  2. one goat

  3. two roosters and six hens

  4. two mosquito nets

  5. school uniforms for ten children

  6. two soccer balls


  1. immunization of a village

  2. one month wages for a nurse

  3. agriculture package

  4. clothing for 25 orphans


  1. annual maintenance and repair of tap water system

  2. stock medical clinic for three months


  1. modern pit latrine for a village

  2. one year scholarship for skill training


  1. solar energy for a village

  2. six months wages for Medical Clinician

Sample costs in Malawi. Currency in CAD


  1. Drilling a borehole to provide fresh water


  1. Build a learning centre with a library


  1. Build an early learning centre for 3 - 6 year old children

In order to meet immediate needs of villagers your donation will be applied in a category of Health, Opportunity, Protection or Education as jointly determined by Hope For Malawi Foundation Inc., and local community leadership.

Mail Payment to:

Hope for Malawi Foundation Inc.

38 St. Lawrence Crescent

Saskatoon, SK Canada S7K 1G5


For more information on how to make a donation or for any questions or concerns on making a donation, please contact Hope For Malawi at: +1-306-652-1382 or